Top Books on Memory Improvement. How to improve memory with speed reading.

Our speed reading course has built-in techniques to improve memory.

Here is the list of the best books we’ve found helpful for improving memory.

Top books on memory improvement

Top books on memory improvement

How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week: 50 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Memory by Dominic O’Brien

You Can Have an Amazing Memory: Learn life-changing techniques and tips from the memory maestro by Dominic O’Brien

How to Remember (Almost) Everything, Ever!: Tips, tricks and fun to turbo-charge your memory by Rob Eastaway

5-Minute Memory Workout (Collins Gem) by Sean Callery

Adventures in Memory – The Science and Secrets of Remembering and Forgetting by Hilde Ostby and Yiva Ostby

Speed reading techniques have memory techniques included such as:

  • Setting purpose and attention 
  • Being in a good state and emotional engagement and interest
  • Taking notes: mindmap / rhizomap
  • Repetition (previewing, work session, rapid reading)
  • Talking (to self during, to a colleague after)
  • Building links/associations with what you already know
  • Brain gym and exercise boosts oxygen and nutrients to the brain (glycogen levels higher after exercise)
  • Relaxation improves the blood flow to areas of the brain used for memory and reduces stress which can cause memory loss.
  • Watch your diet. Drink water and coffee to improve the powers of recall.
  • Review & novelty

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