Speed Reading

What is speed reading?

The term speed reading originally referred only to techniques which helped people read ‘normally’ (sequentially) but faster. These included techniques such as reducing the number of fixations (time your eyes to stop to focus on a word) per line and eye patterns (zig-zag, super-reading, etc.) for looking down a page for hot spots of key information. Read more about the history of speed reading and spd rdng

Spd rdng – an advanced speed reading system

On our spd rdng /speed reading courses, as well as mastering all the speed reading skills, you also learn our spd rdng system, which is composed of 37 speed reading techniques and the complete PhotoReading Whole Mind System developed by Paul Scheele, plus numerous other techniques which allow you to develop your own speed reading approach to suit your own individual requirements. Speed reading is part of accelerated learning, and you’ll also learn accelerated learning mindsets and techniques, which will allow you to learn anything better and faster.

In our speed reading course, you will learn:

1. to process large volumes of information at least 200%… 300%… 400% faster and even more
2. speed reading and PhotoReading and a range of strategic reading techniques to speed up your reading: skimming, scanning, downloading and more…
3. to remove your blocks to reading and learning efficiently
4. to absorb reports and technical information and relate the course to your specific circumstances (eg study, business)
5. syntopic processing for learning the maximum amount about any topic in the shortest amount of time
6. thin-slicing and implicit learning
7. how your mind processes information, understands, learns and remembers
8. to improve your memory, concentration, comprehension
9. to evaluate books in 1-2 minutes to see if they’re worth reading/buying and how long you’re going to spend on them
10. to set precise goals and clarify different purposes for different materials
11. note-taking and note-making using mindmaps and rhizomaps (rhizomatic mapping)
12. the limits of the old reading paradigm and why Spd Rdng is so effective
13. how to become a speed reader/ spd rdr. The difference between ineffective readers and effective readers is that they have developed strategies to read more and better quality information at faster rates.

Spd Rdng The Speed Reading Bible 3.0 - Book Cover

Spd Rdng – The Speed Reading Bible – Speed Reading Techniques, Tips & Strategies For Ultra Fast Reading

Spd Rdng – The Speed Reading Bible – Speed Reading Techniques, Tips & Strategies For Ultra Fast Reading

by Susan Norman and Jan Cisek

available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle (for PC/ Mac/ iPhone/ iPad/ iPod/ BlackBerry)  £6.49 and paperbook