Speed Reading Testimonials & Reviews

This is only a selection of all the testimonials we’ve received from thousands of speed readers over the last 20 years of teaching speed reading and photoreading. Most speed reading enthusiasts are students, professionals and people who are interested in personal development or what psychologists call ‘personal mastery’. (A Norwegian study found that personal mastery was associated with younger-perceived age and better physical and mental wellness.)

“I wish I had done the speed reading course earlier (when I was eight years old).” Nir, 12-year-old Student, London

“The best investment of my time and money! I feel completely inspired and actually can’t wait to start studying again – I have learnt some amazing speed reading techniques!!. Thank you.” Alanna James, Student, London UK

“This course went beyond my expectations – My exam results showed that very clearly!” Helen Campbell, London UK

“I was told that I would never attain a degree but with the help of speed reading and photoreading I did just that.” Howard Benjafield, Film Producer, Richmond, Surrey UK

“I more than doubled my reading speed and learnt how to get what I need from books. Well-designed speed reading training.” Mark Walsh, Lead Trainer, Brighton, Business Training, Stress Management, and Stress Training

Watch Mark Walsh talk about his experience with speed reading course.

“Speed reading techniques taught by Jan allowed me to read faster and do an amazing amount of research for my book (The Timeless Home) and save me a lot of time in the process. Thank you so much.” Alidad, interior designer London UK

“This speed reading course gave me freedom in choosing how to read and recall useful information.” Iwan Marckmann, Trainer, The Netherlands

“What a great fun-filled speed reading course – it met all my expectations and more. It was completely practical and already I can see the huge benefits I will be able to apply immediately in my job.” Cathy Busani, London UK, Managing Director of Happy Ltd

“Fantastic! Looking forward to putting things into practice and impressing my friends and myself with my amazing knowledge.” Helen Wallen, Art Student, London UK

“Great speed reading course. Thank you.” IT, London UK

“I have seen Paul Scheele help countless numbers of people to discover a faster, more efficient path to success through his PhotoReading system. No matter what you need to read, he can teach you to get it done in a third of the time.”
Anthony Robbins, Author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

“I’m approximately half way through the book (37 techniques) and it is outstanding! If I’d only had this during University, then later during my teacher training, it would have made a profound difference during my education in terms of time, retention of information and recall. The techniques and concepts that you and Susan have put into this book are worth more than its weight in gold…I really can’t praise it enough!” Adam Galvin, Student, London UK

“Shifting the mindset from just reading a book or material to actually processing it with a clear purpose is going to make a real difference in my life. Thank you.” Madu Oji, London UK

“All students should come to this speed reading course. It will really help them with their studying as it helped me.” Ranjeet Singh, London UK

“This speed reading course has given me the techniques and confidence to approach my studies and reading in an efficient way and means I will have more fun and less stress with my learning.” Sarah Purcell, Yoga Teacher, London UK

“This speed reading/photoreading course is a really efficient new approach to reading which will revolutionize the way you view books.” Billy Henson, Student, Oxford, UK

“I achieved my target of processing written material 5 times faster after the 2 day photoreading course. Four days after the speed reading/ photoreading course I attended the university seminar. I processed 6 heavy academic tomes! No one else managed to read more than one book. I knew at least 80% of the material we needed to cover and was able to talk about it in a coherent and knowledgeable way. Everyone was amazed.” Adam Hearn, Medical Anthropology student, Spain

Listen to Adam talking about his experience with speed reading

“Words cannot describe my appreciation towards you two teaching me all these speed reading techniques and habits. Every student should learn speed reading as early as possible – it can save you so much time and make learning much easier and real fun.” H. S., O-level student, London UK

“I found this speed reading course help me to rid myself of feelings of guilt because I now know that I don’t have to read the whole book to get the information I need.” Ifty Bukhari, London

“I would recommend this speed reading course to anyone who wants to improve their ability to access relevant information from books. I doubled my reading speed in 24 hours and now know how to use books to serve my purpose rather than feeling I have to read and remember every detail, whether relevant or not. Thank you – I really enjoyed it.” Riona Aiken, London UK

“Don’t be shy, give it a try. You’ll be surprised what you will learn. Richard Griffiths, IT Student, Sheffield, UK

“Outstanding, stress free speed reading course.” David Varghese, GP, Hampshire UK

“Well structured, well delivered, fun and effective speed reading course.” Paul Burden, Performance Coach Bristol

“Great speed reading course – accelerated learning and reading.” Ugesh Rattay, Richmond, Surrey UK

“It’s worth the time and application shows that anybody, regardless of who you are, can benefit from speed reading.” Newton Brown, Actor, London UK

“You can’t teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. And books are still one of the best ways to do that. With speed reading you can do it faster and reap the rewards earlier.” Student, London UK

“An aged person like me can attest to the fact that anyone can learn speed reading in two days! Do not hesitate, whatever your background, to come to this excellent speed reading course. It will change your life for better in so many wonderful ways.” Shamshad Syd, Orthopaedic Surgeon, London UK

Watch Hanna Hunter (Life Coach, London, UK) talk about her experience with our speed reading / photoreading course.

“My marks went from 20% to 80% – I couldn’t believe it – thank you both” – Justin Sandifer, Animation Design Student, London UK

“For the first time in my life I could read the whole book easily and talk about it.” – Marta Orszewska, Student, Luton UK

“PhotoReading appears to be a natural step forward in the evolution of human reading skills.” Win Wenger, Ph.D., writing in “The Einstein Factor”, USA

“PhotoReading is literally eye-opening… The goal: Let your unconscious take a snapshot, imbibing a whole page in a glimpse… It may well be the standard equipment for 21st Century SuperLearners.” Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, writing in “SuperLearning 2000” USA

Terry Solomon talks about his experience with speed reading/photoreading course he took in London, UK.

“Photoreading/speed reading ‘rocks’! – an experience that will alter the way I read and acquire knowledge forever. I have great beliefs in my subconscious mind!” Werner Kristiansen, musician, London UK

“Excellent speed reading course!” Richard Bittmann, Intelligence and Politics Student, Germany

“With the explosion of technology and the vast array of information now available to us, Speed Reading is a powerful tool that enables us to tap into the infinite storehouse of knowledge in our subconscious mind. Both speed reading coaches facilitate this process with ease and humour which makes learning fun. This is a “must” for those of us who choose to keep on the cutting edge of self development work and want to read more quicker.” Peggy O’Hare, Richmond Surrey UK

” Great speed reading course. Very enjoyable and informative experience.” Gerald Deshais, Derby UK

“Worthwhile and satisfying speed reading course. A life skill.” Tom Fehley, London UK

“Jan and Susan are magnificent trainers. They have really raised the bar in the field of accelerated learning, speed reading, photoreading. Their course is highly recommended.” Ruben Sherandra, Iver, Bucks UK

“After so many years of being stuck, I now have speed reading strategies that I know will work.” Matthew Ball, London UK

“The course offers very good insights into speed reading techniques – very useful and practical.” Richard Shepard, London UK

“A very productive course that will impact my personal development. Wish I had done this before I went to Uni!” Lia Barbopoulou, Student, London UK

“A great speed reading concept. Depth of knowledge and enthusiasm of the trainers. Has completely changed the way I’ll approach reading. Fantastic.” Ali Mcclosky, Rickmansworth, Herts UK

“This speed reading course is exactly what you are looking for if you have to read a lot of books that need reading or you just want to read more for pleasure. It saves time and you get it very quickly and remember lots of information. Great experience and interesting course.” Phil Mcclosky, Student, Rickmansworth, Herts UK

“This was a really fun weekend, full of information. Thank you so much.” Sofia Stepanova (11 years old), London UK

“I’m very happy that now I can put all the speed reading skill I’ve learnt into practice.” Aya Tanka, London UK

“The close interaction with the speed reading coaches was invaluable. I had a clear expectation for the speed reading seminar which was changed on day one – giving me a much more valuable outcome than I ever believed.” Carle Pate, Life Management – Daily Life Tracker, Nottinghamshire UK

“Well structured – brilliant speed reading course. Excellent speed reading coaches. Extremely beneficial experience. Thanks.” James Ponnusamy, Student, London UK

“Thanks a lot for a great speed reading course.” Abdullah Amer Alkhushall, Saudi Arabia

“This speed reading course opens up a new way of looking at an old world.” Nazmul Hasan, Student, London UK

“I recommend this speed reading course to anyone who read for work or pleasure. The speed reading techniques used can be applied to all professionals. I am a speaker of several languages and the techniques will greatly enhance my current approach and help me in my role in investment banking.” Marcia Craig, London UK

“Extra-ordinary speed reading course. Provides exactly what it says it will and more. Brilliant speed reading techniques and system to easily apply in everyday life.” Daniel Grant, Personal Fitness Trainer, London UK

Watch Daniel Grant, Fitness Trainer, London UK, talks about his experience with speed reading and especially syntopic processing.

“This isn’t just a speed reading course. It’s a course to assist students with studying work at university material.” Nick Middleweek, London UK

“This speed reading program really helped me in doubling my reading speed instantly.” David Vidya Sagar Gadda, Bristol, UK

“Eye opening, a fantastic speed reading course taught in a very good manner in a relaxed environment with instant results that will keep improving.” Ajay Patel, London, UK

“Although I have dyslexia, this speed reading training gave me more trust and abilities in reading. Thank you for this!” Stephan Clarrise, Amsterdam, Holland

“Wanted to thank you for a very enlightening course. We really feel that we had an immediate benefit form your course content and are confident that we will reap good dividends from it as we continue to practice the methods you presented so well.” Irum Raja

“Every student should do this speed reading course before starting at uni.” Student, London UK

“Excellent speed reading course with concrete results after only two days. Helpful teachers with a lot more interesting topics to talk about.” Tristan Bains, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“A very practical and useful speed reading course.” Student, London UK

“Awesome and inspiring speed reading course, will recommend to all my colleagues and friends without hesitation!”, Sheena Saeed, London UK

“I hope to get through the pile of books with very little anxiety.” Raksha Kukadia, Greenford UK

“Simple concepts but profound effects!” Mekbib Solomon, London UK

“Excellent course. I could happily say several of my expectations were fulfilled. Will recommend it!” Devika Poovancheri, London UK

“Learning has never been so much fun. No has it ever been as immediately rewarding and eternally useful. By far the most important lesson I’ve attended as I will be taking it all to all my other lessons.” Tamara Berber, Student, London

“Great course. Great people. Great results.” Vinid Kudhail, London

“No fuss, no bother, just getting down and using it.” Gillian McDonagh, London

“I found this speed reading course really helpful and it will probably halve the time of my PHD study course.” Sally, London UK

“Very experienced and knowledgeable presenters in an engaging and fun environment. I learned very useful skills that I can immediately apply in life.” Mizzel Badruddin, London

“Brilliant course from the beginning to the end. I would/will recommend it to family and friends. Value for money.” Marta Ludian, London

“Course was really inspiring and helpful. Brilliant.” Student, London

“It exceeded my expectation – not expecting such a complete system. Outstanding.” Student, London

“The best thing about the course was that I successfully achieved 7 times my original speed – with comprehension! (I wasn’t convinced before the course
that I would improve my s-l-o-w speed.)” Student, London

“This speed reading course was recommended to me by my friend with an indication that I should take part in a two-day seminar run by Jan Cisek, the global leader in this field. Since the completion of the speed reading course, that is from 2009, my traditional method of reading and learning has changed dramatically to the point that it never came to me even by thinking to return to it. Because I found myself in a situation of a total change of profession and legal studies, using the methods presented by Jan, I came to the conclusion that learning does not have to be a sad experience, on the contrary it can become a fascinating adventure, especially when large amounts of material can easily be covered by applying one of the methods, for example, a mind map – this is one of my favourites. This speed reading course familiarises us with many techniques that allow you to increase the reading speed and believe me it will be an amazing experience for all. In my case, the speed of reading increased by two and a half. It is also worth recommending all exercises that accelerate the work of the brain, as well as those that care for the condition of the eyes, for example, a very important organ without which the learning process would not be easy. I recommend the course and I am sure that each new participant will get a lot of satisfaction. ” Legal Student, Warsaw 

“Much better than learning from a book.”  Student, London

“Thank you o much. It was an excellent course. I’ll recommend it to friends.” Student, London

“I liked best how quickly after learning the techniques my reading speed increased.” Student, London

“The course fulfilled all my expectations (and 28 more!!) I will be recommending this to others – thanks Jan and Susan.” Oliver Deacon, London

“Oustanding. Excellent. Clearly facilitated.” David Sanderson, Oxford

“Memory techniques work!” Student, London

“It was a very enjoyable and inspiring memory workshop.” Student, London

“Very clear and simple format for memory improvement.” Raina Malik, London

“The process is very intelligent. It scaffolds learning. Instructors were well-versed, knowledgeable and amusing (anecdotal!)” Student, London

“An intriguing journey underpinned by an intelligent process of acquisition. This is not a snake-oil potion. And requires work and recall, but a
concoction it is of techniques, tips, and strategies. I left buzzing both physically and intellectually! It feels great.” Pete Winiewicz, London

“Speed reading the Harry Potter book at midnight was really cool and I was glad my grandma was my speed reading coach. (My grandma is Susan Norman, she’s a speed reading expert and she wrote the speed reading book Spd Rdng: the Speed reading Bible, and she gave me a copy – but only the next morning.) I downloaded the book on my Amazon Kindle and got into a good state and then just kept reading. Susan was reading next to me so I was telling her what I thought and at the end we wrote my review and put it up on Amazon.
I really loved the story but it was a bit difficult to read because it was a play not a novel and also it keeps going backwards and forwards in time and different things happen in different realities. But I could understand the story. But now I want to read the book slowly because when you’re speed reading a story really really fast you’re kind of reading with your mind and you’re not getting so involved with the characters. I love harry potter and I want to enjoy it now (and I really want to see the play. I think it will be epic.)
But the speed reading thing is really fun to do. She taught me really quickly how to get into a good state and speed up my brain and then just … well, just read fast. You sort of think about the meaning, not the words. And now I’ve got a choice because sometimes I can read fast and sometimes I can read slowly.  I enjoyed the speed reading challenge and I think it’s going to be really useful when I’m older, when I’ve got a job. And my speed reading expert grandma says she’ll teach me how to use speed reading when I’m a student. She says I can read 30 books in a week and do my studying really quickly so I’ll have lots of time for partying. Wicked.” Toby L’Estrange, Wheathampstead, age 10 – read Toby’s review of Harry Potter the Cursed Child

WATCH Toby L’Estrange talking about speed reading the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child below

“Overall positive experience”. Student, London

“Two-day condensed course – life changing.” Soriyya Laljee, London

“It is a good course and I have improved my speed reading a lot.” Bakary Bojang, London

“This speed reading course explains how to organise written work – it’s not just about reading.” Student, London

“Presentation and content were very good.” Ian Corderoy

“Superb introduction into making my life easier.” Stuart Thompson, London

“Recommend this course to anyone. Easily pay for itself in the knowledge I will be able to gain and the time saved in doing so.” Jonathan Power, London

“Getting good with these speed reading techniques will give you time back for the other things you enjoy in life!” Nick Hudson, London

“An extraordinary experience – really well designed and delivered.” Fee Forvargue, London

“Well paced and encouraging, group participation focused.” Rosemary Durham, London

” An exceptional speed reading course for anyone who wants to speed up their reading and learning.” Rob Castle, London

“If you study technical manuals or cover loads of subjects this speed reading course is brilliant.” Student, London

“Control your reading – control your life.” Lawyer, Warsaw

“Excellent speed reading course on how to sift more useful information quickly and feel less guilty about all the unread books.” Student, London

“Thank you for the course – I’ve had a brilliant weekend.” Michelle Pickering, London

“This is a first workshop I have been to that applies the speed reading techniques to everyday relevant practice for each person. I was in medical school for five years and doing medical anthropology for seven years – I could have used these techniques when I was studying them. I’m very excited and more confident that I can get through all my ENT exams and my part-time GP training. Thank you.” JD, London

“Great speed reading course for school/uni work!” Oscar White, Student, London

“I have benefited a lot in my reading abilities and will practice and improve it more.” Sean Kakurla, London

“Great speed reading course – a skill can be used by anyone – I wish I’d discovered it earlier. Great tutors who understand their subject and most importantly know how to teach it in a way that makes sure participants learn it. Highly recommended.” Rick Cotgreave, Coach, http://www.mobiusperformance.com

“A superb overview of many speed reading techniques and it’s given me great confidence for reducing my information overload. I’m looking forward to even more progress in the coming months. Thank you!” Paul F. Wood, London

“I thought this speed reading course was AMAZING. They need to be teaching this in schools. I feel hungry to absorb endless info and I don’t think ‘I don’t have time’. I didn’t just learn about speed reading. I’ve walked away from this course with light and hope I haven’t had in 31 years. Susan made me realise I’m going to be ok – I look forward to my future for the first time…” Andia Arabsheibani, London

“Enjoyed the speed reading workshop. Can’t wait to use all I have learned in my real world.” Margo Michell, Dublin

“Super duper speed reading course! Wish I did it years ago! Thanks a mills!” Audrey Adamson, Dublin

“I think every teenager should have the chance to learn speed reading before enrolling to the university.” Hussa Al Hussaini, London

“After this speed reading course, I started to like reading.” Marwan Al Quaiz, London

“When from snail pace reading to superman speed.” Brett van der Merwe, London

“The speed reading course is one with capacity for instant change in attitude to reading.”  Paul I.E.

“I really liked it.” Shazly Suliman, London

“In this fast-paced era we currently live in it is paramount to be able to process large amounts of information. This course will teach you that.” Imants Krezins, London http://getimants.co.uk

“This is a course everyone should do to help improve their efficiency at processing information.” Student, London

“Excellent course, now I feel prepared for my masters.” Anna Walker, London

“This is a fantastic course that will change the way you read forever.” Mark Sheerin, Dublin, Ireland

“I would highly recommend this course if you have loads of reading to do personally or professionally. It’s fun and taught in a relaxed manner. The coach is extremely well versed and answers any questions. I wish I had learned this as a child!” Mala Bridgelal Ram, London

“Enjoyable, well worth it. Looking forward to reading again.” Preeti Gill, London

“Day 1 alone is worth the cost; it’s no-brainier investment to your personal development.” Danyl Bosomworth, Leeds

“Exceeded my expectations!” Stephen Marshall, Banstead, Surrey

“Just a quick word to say how much I enjoyed the speed reading workshop. The two-day package while being fantastic value, was also professionally constructed and delivered.” Eamonn Meaney, Dublin, Yes You Can Hypnotherapy

“I found this speed reading course really opened my mind on how to approach reading with one of the major items being to stop thinking that I need to read a book from beginning to end to get value from a book.” Breeda Cunningham, Dublin

“Want to feel like you’re reading on fast forward? Do this course and be prepared to be amazed!” Deidre O’Brien, Dublin

“I have never gotten so much from a weekend course. It was excellent. You can use the speed reading skills immediately.” Ciara O’Keeffe, Dublin

“I can now read more and faster and thus I have more success and I earn more money!” Businessman, London

“Great speed reading course. Definitely recommend it. Far exceeded my expectations. Incredible presentation, very enthusiastic and lots of fun.” David Shipsay, Acupuncturist Dublin

“Extremely well-organised speed reading class with a very experienced trainer. Would recommend.” Jennifer Malone, Dublin

“I liked how this speed reading course started on time every day, how clear everything was and the Speed Reading Bible we got.” Student, Dublin

“Made a difference! Thank you!.” Ants Alunurm, Dublin

“Time flew as it was a very joyful pleasant 2 days.” Student, Dublin

“After this speed reading course I feel very empowered and this has unblocked a stuck state I had about reading. I’ve been using mindmaps for years in bit but now I’m going to use them every time I read!” Sean Rooney, Dublin

“A great speed reading course that should be introduced to any progressive academic institution. A real gem.” Youssuf Saleh, Student, London

“Phenomenal – every school, college and university should have this speed reading course and run it at the beginning of every year!” Student, Dublin

“It’s surprising helpful and not as intimidating as you might think. I’ll be recommending it to two friends in particular.” Keith Moran, Dublin

“Very essential to improving your IQ skills.”  Precious Omukpai, Student, Nigeria

“Life changing!” Student, London

“Excellent course! Would definitely recommend it!” Cassila Sarsi, London

” When you leave the course, you will want to do more reading.” Jeremy Ball, London

“Most useful course on rapid learning.”  Marat Karpeko, Belarus

” Useful course in the modern world of information overload.” Andrew Moss, London

“I wish I knew all this when I was studying at uni! But never to late – revolutionise my way of thinking about reading… and ultimately reading!” Serena Menaguale, London

“Absolutely amazing! As a student, I think every school should have this course!”  Zainab Sarfaraz, London

” I feel enlightened and relieved!!”  Zarmine Sarfaraz, London

“Thank you SO much for wonderful weekend!  Ray Nation, London

” This material should be taught in schools and universities.”  Muhammad Shahzad, London

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend of practical application into speed reading. My results have exceeded expectations at the start and the methods taught are so easy to use. This would make a huge difference to my business and personal development.” Mike Bach, Personal Trainer Manchester and Cheshire

“Fantastic course. It has opened my eyes to a new way of learning. I feel as though I have been reading with my eyes closed … now they are wide open! Thank you.”  Sam Huie, London

“I believe this will help me going forward with both my work and my studies.” Suzanne Hannigan, Dublin

“Really and truly, anyone can complete this programme from 9 to 90.” Barry Fanning, Dublin

“Fantastic, amazing! New skills easily and effortlessly acquired. I’d recommend this to everyone. 2 days really well spent. I’m so glad I took the time out to do it. Thank you, Jan!” Aisling Moorey, Dublin

“Many thanks for arranging this speed reading course and your time.” Elliot C James, London

“The two day course has proven to be an absolute magic. I have acquired so much knowledge that are going to be so beneficial for the rest of my life.” Yina Song, Designer London

“Definitely worth it. Creates new dimensions when reading!” Gibrail Teja, Student, London

“It works.”  Karim Teja, Businessman, Kenya

“An inspirational and informative experience.” Zachary Cayenne-Elliott, Student, London

“Outstanding speed  reading course, I hope schools could implement these principles.” Kevin Primat, London

“Very good for university students who have a lot of information to cover.” Student, London

“Brilliant speed reading course. Thank you.” Sophie Gallagher, London

“Helps very much with all life.” Student, London

“So much more than just speed reading!” Stephen Blakely, London

“This was one of the best courses I have attended. Completely fascinating and in just two days we learnt so much. Jan was a brilliant teacher and a master at this topic. A transformational course. ” Sandy Loder, Performance Consultant, London

“Speed reading techniques: inspiring and easy to apply for everyday work and personal reading.” Eva Orasch, London

“I feel like I gained a new superpower!” Student, London

“Don’t think you’re alone with wanting to better understand books.” Matthew Thomas, London

“I made noticeable gains in my assimilation of information and my ability to convey to others.” Dr Rory Morris-Butler

“An excellent speed reading course, very entertaining and informative.” Matt Cullen, London

“I’ve learnt how to be resourceful and use and enjoy myself and my environment to the best of my potential.” Emma Norris, London

“A comprehensive guide to improving yourself.” Kasim Ameed, London

“I would highly recommend this speed reading course – it is extremely useful and applicable in any are of life. Maggie Zaboura, London

“I’m excited to use my new speed reading skills in my future studies.” Cara Surtees, London

“I found the course cover much more than I expected. I had some speed reading skills before coming to the course and I found the ones covered were very informative.” Cyril Mannion , London

“Fantastic speed reading course!” Alex Robertson, Magician London

“Absolutely superb speed reading course. I was sceptical of the techniques at first, but the course is well designed and presented + Jan such a great, confident teacher, that it could potentially be life transforming.” Oliver Davis, Superhero movie news, reviews and more

“I’m so glad I took this speed reading course – it completely exceeded my expectations. Far from just teaching you to read faster, Jan is passionate about empowering people to live more successfully. I took away so much of value that’s applicable to every sphere of my life. Thanks, Jan! ” Zita Moran, London

“Just do it – it works!” Bill Silvester, London

“This speed reading course offers techniques and skills that can be absorbed in a day or tow and deployed for a lifetime of learning.” Matias Myllyrinne, Cyprus

“Hopefully a transforming experience. So far look like a mind opening experience. Already a different person, hopefully, that will grow.” Eugene Smozhevsky, Cyprus

“Warning: only do this speed reading course if you want more time available to enjoy life and have fun.” Veronica Urbani, London

“I would gladly pay double or triple for this speed reading course, and the coach is just a joy to listen. Best course I have ever attended. Will recommend to everyone.” Hasan Tuter, London

“Works, anyone interested in self-development, learning faster, understanding concepts, need to do this speed reading course.” David Richards

“Really useful for my study course.” Pravin Gungah, London

“Improved my reading by 3-5 times, depending on the books. A holistic understanding of how to be more effective.” Susanne Laursen Busch, Copenhagen Denmark

“Jan is a brilliant, passionate character. I feel with spdrdng I will be able to cope and succeed in the stressful Cambridge environment, especially in exam term.” Student, Cambridge

“Life changing.” Carolina Valera-Lopera, London

“Amazing adventure of 14 hours to learn new reading and learning skills.” Dr. Majid S Kiyani

“What learning is – provides you with the environment for the perfect form of the term.” Lucy Gray, London

“Thought provoking and more than just speed reading – a way to unlock new ways to build knowledge.” Mat Moakes

“Great speed reading course. This will teach you all the concepts needed to process books multiple times faster.” Robin Bingham, London

“A must for any busy consultant who needs to absorb a huge amount of information + make sense of it all – best investment of time.” Sandra Thompson

“I really enjoyed the training – I’ll make sure my brother attends this training.” Bartosz Inglot

“An amazing course. My reading went from 0 to 60 in two days!” Adam Michel

“Very knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach. Great value.” Ajaz Bashir, London

“So pleased I attended. 2 of the most worthwhile days you can invest in yourself. Jan & Susan were great throughout.” David Ghosh, Sport Coach

“Learn to speed read in under 1 day.” comment about 1-day speed reading course for Cheshire East Council

“Just to say thanks for a 1st class speed reading course yesterday I now have a number of highly effective speed reading strategies for speedily extracting information from books, journal, papers e-books etc. Loved the downloading and direct learning techniques. I am a very happy man. Best regards,” Shaun Deckon, London

“Many thanks for the speed reading course, it is one of the best investments I have ever made; don’t know how I lived before without these amazing techniques!” Polina K, London

“Excellent course to extract information quickly and expand your knowledge on any topic.” Andrew Whelan, London

“Coach Jan Cisek is very good at getting the concepts across to the audience. There are so many aspects to keep in mind to improve and speed read which were well explained.” Mehreen Lodhi, London

“One to one speed reading coaching with Jan helped me to pass my UK Citizenship test with flying colours. I couldn’t have done it without speed reading. My favourite speed reading technique was downloading and direct learning. Thank you.” Urmila, London

“Super course. I wanted to quickly acquire information, have a better position at work and more time for myself and others. It works – I recommend it. “Student, Warsaw

“A truly life-changing experience. I walked into the room a cynic and left a speed reader. This speed reading course completely exceeded my high expectations and taught me skills which I know will improve my personal and business life. This was one of the best investments I have made in myself and I only wish I had discovered Jan decades ago. Highly recommended. Thank you!” Alberto Giovino, Legal recruitment, London

“Is there anything more useful as a student than being able to read and process quickly? Not likely. Alexa, Student, Glasgow

“The course has opened up a whole new chapter for me. It’s brilliant and inspiring and it is also great to know that I do not have to read every word to understand a book.” Matthew Jones

“Brilliant weekend. Feeling energised and read to take in new languages, new books for – and more – in manageable bitesize chunks. Thank you!” Holly Clancey

“I wish I did this years ago.” Abi

“Speed reading with Jan was fantastic. I’ve tripled my reading rate! Thank you.” Harry Gardiner, Anti-radiation phone cases expert

“Love education, love the future is my company’s message. This speed reading course should be put on everyone’s future. You will love it.” Mark Woodcock, Director of Vocademia – Education solutions 

“***** a speed reading course.” Arden, student, London

“I am now a speed reader and feel very motivated to put the new skills into practice.” Rosana Roy

“I’m glad to go away and use what I have learnt.” Rose McGowan

“By investing in myself and my future, I’m saving more time!” Architect, Warsaw

“Speed reading course with Jan was fun.” Emilia, 9-year-old girl, Copenhagen

Speed reading for kids

“Speed reading course with Jan was fun.” Emilia, a 9-year-old girl, in Copenhagen

“The course was excellent, with the information and the teaching style encouraging me to learn quickly and efficiently. If you want to become a speed reader I highly recommend this course.” Shaun Deckon

“The immediate shift in my reading speed was most amazing. Very rapidly 3x faster within 2 days.” Dr Becky

“Jan was absolutely great. Excellent investment. Would recommend.” Athena, Cyprus

“I came here thinking it was going to be very technical but have come away with a new habit that will hopefully change my life.” Susan Fang

“I’m looking forward to taking what I learned forward into my study and personal development. Very exciting.” Eric, London

“Very good course. I didn’t think I could make such an improvement on my reading in such a short time.” George Bull, London

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“Speed reading = more time = more success.” Student, London

“2 days went incredibly quickly, and it was very well delivered.” Jon Evans, Brighton

“Increased life skills, wish I did this years ago!” Manisha Patel, London

“I simply shortened the time I usually spent reading and learning information through speed reading and accelerated learning methods.” Student, Warsaw

“Well structured, well delivered, fun + effective.” Paul Burden

“Now I can read a whole book on my commute.” Richard Russell

“By far the best course I’ve been on. Looking forward to putting into action.” Louis Francis, South London

“My confidence in choosing which books to read and which I can avoid has increased 1000%.” Alexandra Denye, London

“Absolutely recommended! I learned so much more than I expected. I have created a whole new mindset for learning. Thank you Jan!” Sebastian Niespialowski, London

“I loved this class. The coaches are very insightful and want to give you their best. The outcome of the course is biggest than the promise before the course.” Rajakumar Ramakamman, India

“I was inspired by this course and feel it should be taught before any state exams in schools.” Carina Monckton

“I had a tight work deadline approaching, considered not going to 2-day course because I needed time. Coming to the course allowed me to do the work, unblock a problem of structure/order. It saved me two weeks’ (or more!) work.” Dawn

“Having put two kids through the course I am thrilled we made this decision. The course is outstanding and something we can all carry through life. Thank you!” Liz Evans, Acupuncture, Brighton

“Oustanding. I’m very excited to go forth with all these techniques + be much happier + greater.” Student, London

“A superlative speed reading course, showing it to be a honed skill which reaps more benefits than I could have possibly imagined.” Will Hammerton, Student

“I like all kinds of speed reading techniques such as previewing, thinking about the purpose for speed reading, photoreading, thin slicing, finding my point of concentration and so on. Given me the opportunity to improve on my learning habits and make genuine improvements to my studies. The people were also very nice, and I’m glad it was on a weekend.” Student, London

“Very good.” Peter McGovern, London

“A very practical speed reading course for learning and study. I exceeded my expectations. I feel confident and empowered to move forward with business + study.” Kevin Edge, Business Manager, St Albans

“I don’t read unless it’s for work but now I’m reading 3x faster than at the beginning of the course. Over time, I’m expecting this to improve.” Rehma Husain, Project Manager

“In a short time, I’ve learned how to use speed reading for extraction of content and creating great notes which I might use for my work and business. Thank you Jan!.” Anna Wilk, Life Coach, St Albans

“Jan was fantastic, I really enjoyed his time. Very happy and a lot more confident!” Maximilian Newton, Sales Coach London

“It’s the best investment in myself I’ve done for a long time. I loved everything about it.” Justina Kozicki, London

“This is a brilliant way of accelerating your ability to read and retain information.” Aidan Morrison, London

“I have dyspraxia and ADHD, my comprehension rate has gone up exponationally. I’m able to read 38% more than previously and confident this will continue to increase.” Harriet Gilbey, Student

“Life changing.” Tony Brown, Halifax

“It has been a great course that shifted my paradigm about what reading is. I have now created a new belief that everything is easy and fun.” Teodora Pile

“This course is a hands on, outstanding workshop, you’ll be a different person (better).” Ben, a professor, Oxford

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“The course has changed my entire perspective, understanding and application of reading.” Susan Conway, Manager

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“The course is brilliant – changes the paradigm. Wish I had attended it when a student. Education needs to teach this at schools.”  Gurmel Singh, a former teacher, London

“Easily more than triple your speed in less than two days.” Philip L. Student, London

“Highly recommended.” Ibrahim Saud Alibrahim, App Developer, London

“As a book lover, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to read more and faster. An added benefit, in a nutshell, is that this speed reading course is about one thing:
Shelf-Improvement for book-lovers :).” Anonymous, London

“Excellent course, this will absolutely transform your life.” Anushka George, Traider, London

“I could have benefited from this when I was a student at uni.” Lucy Anderson

“I believe this will be a genuinely life-changing skill. It’s over to me to put it in practice – but thank you fou for setting me on a fantastic path to new learning, and effective information processing.” Anna Eagles, London

“It’s simple, you want to change your life? Well, it’s easy, just go take the course.” Mehdi Zniber

“Invaluable material for large scale change and learning programmes.” Morel Fourman, CEO at Gaiasoft International & Trustee and Past President of International Coach Federation Foundation

“Excellent course, does exactly what they describe.” Jonathan Bull, Surgeon, London

“Explosive knowledge absorption.!!” Paul Seth

“Game-changing course. I am looking forward to ploughing through my pile of books. I no longer need to choose – I can read them all!” James Hawes

“Very useful course! Thank you – you have hugely impacted my life!”

“Thank you so much for this amazing course. It changed me in such a positive way.” Luisa Arango

“Liberating, excellent, a fantastic experience. Life-changing tools taught.” Abainav Talwar

“The course was extremely well thought out and interactive on the macro and micro levels. We were taken through a journey of diverging and converging through the speed reading course, the way I approach reading has maximised 10-fold.” Celine, Ibiza

“Excellent resource and training for everyone, especially students or anyone wanting to learn and absorb more. Choosing to become better at any skill.” Lisa Pickford-Gordon

“Life changing.” Monika Slowikowska, London


Endorsements for photoreading

“I have seen Paul Scheele help countless numbers of people to discover a faster, more efficient path to success through his PhotoReading system. No matter what you need to read, he can teach you to get it done in a third of the time.”
Anthony Robbins, Author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

“PhotoReading is the best way to get through the top business books of today.”
Brian Tracy, best-selling author and international expert on entrepreneurship and selling

“If time is money and reading takes time, then I heartedly recommend saving money and time with this brilliant guide. For those of us in the fast lane, the PhotoReading Whole Mind System isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.”
Harvey Mackay, Author of Swim with the Sharks and Beware of the Naked Man

“Leaders today grasp new ideas quickly, read voraciously across many important topics, and need to stay current with the latest advances in their fields. The PhotoReading Whole Mind System shows me how to do it all.”
Ken Blanchard, Ph.D., Co-author of the eight-million selling One Minute Manager

“If you read more slowly than you’d like, consider taking a course to increase not only your reading speed but also how fast you absorb the information. The best resource I’ve found is the PhotoReading course.”
Jack Canfield, writing in his New York Times bestselling book The Success Principles

“Photo Reading is a very easy to learn system that provides what it offers and at the same time opens up a huge door to achieve a new balance between conscious and subconscious learning processes.”
John Grinder, co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

“PhotoReading combines all the most efficient reading strategies—proven in university studies over many years—with what is now known about the phenomenal perceptive capabilities of the human brain.”
“It is undoubtedly the best accelerative reading improvement program available today. And, it is presented so that the average person can benefit immediately, and for a lifetime.”
Dr J. Michael Bennett, one of the few scholars in the world who has a doctorate in reading said, the University of Minnesota

Testimonials for Spd Rdng – The Speed Reading Bible book reviews from good reads