Private Speed Reading Courses for Kids

One-to-one speed reading courses for kids

We offer individual, tailor-made speed reading tuition for children – one-to-one speed reading courses. Speed reading is an integral part of accelerated learning and learning to learn strategies. Learning to learn or self-learning is the most important skill you’ll be relying on in order to reinvent yourself and face uncertainty and the unknown leading to 2040.

More and more parents hire private tutors to help their kids with learning and overcome anxiety over exams and constant grading. Tutors are useful for improving your child’s confidence and independence around learning so they become self-reliant when it comes to learning. Learning to learn is a key skill that is not really taught at schools at the moment.  Accelerated learning is fun and addresses special education needs.

“I wish I had done the speed reading course earlier (when I was eight years old).” Nir, 12-year-old pupil, London

During a private speed reading course, your children will learn how to:

  • read faster
  • remember and recall better
  • pass tests and get better marks
  • learn about different kinds of reading levels and how to enhance them, and which things will make the most difference to their learning ability and skills
  • learning to learn skills
  • build their confidence, resilience and independence as learners
  • learn more easily and become self-sufficient, self-directed learners
  • boost their multiple intelligences, especially their self-reflective intelligence
  • have fun and more…

The general aims and structure of the speed reading course for kids

Lesson 1 (2 hours)

The aim of the first lesson is to see how well they read in general and if they are competent and reasonably quick. (The obvious exception might be the kids who speak very little English if English is their second language.) Also, I’d like to get to know the children quickly and build rapport as well as evaluate their reading level and generally which things will make the most difference to their learning ability and skills. Early on, the purpose is to build their confidence and independence as learners and to plant seeds/ideas for the love of reading, studying and learning and why it is important for their academic performance, which will blossom at a later date. The next aim is to see how self-aware they are as learners – on the whole, if they want to please and want to look good and therefore don’t have (or don’t display) self-awareness, self-reflective intelligence, as well as the growth or fixed mindsets. Encouraging a growth mindset (self-regulated learning) and self-reflective intelligence, as well as stress management and purposeful speed reading, are key objectives of this course. They will be introduced to brain gym and juggling because research shows that these activities help the young brains make additional connections and brain cells as well as open peripheral vision and therefore aid learning, reading, comprehension and concentration as well as motivation.

Speed reading for kids

Speed reading for kids

“Speed reading course with Jan was fun.” Emilia, 9-year-old girl, Copenhagen

Lesson 2 (2 hours)

The second lesson is to build on and practise skills introduced in lesson 1. Children learn how to know when they need help and to ask for it. More brain gym exercises and ‘infinity walk’, as well as exercises for the eyes, are introduced to channel energy productively, aid concentration and motivation as well as associate fun and play with studying. Getting into a good state for learning on a regular basis (smiling, breathing, opening peripheral vision by focusing on concentration point, drinking water to activate the endorphin and dopamine effect) until it’s second nature is very important since research suggests that 80% problems with learning and reading are due to stress, lack of focus and motivation. There will be different reading activities so children get to practice different skills. Mistakes are actively encouraged, and how to learn from them, while key learnings are pointed out to reinforce and entrain self-reflective intelligence.

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”
J.K. Rowling

Lesson 3 (2 hours)

The third lesson is to revise and consolidate speed reading concepts and skills already introduced. Children will be reading in a more focused way, more quickly and competently, with at least as much understanding as before (as shown by their ability to write about what they’d read). Kids’ self-reliance and self-awareness are further built, e.g. self-evaluation (compared with teacher’s evaluation), so they evaluate themselves regularly for (a) how well they understood the activity, (b) how well they actually performed in the activity, (c) how well they behaved (d) their concentration. They learn how to evaluate what went well, what could have gone better, and what they will do differently next time so they can learn the importance of self-directed learning.

Speed reading for kids

Speed reading for kids

Lesson 4 (2 hours)

The fourth lesson is specifically test-oriented. There will be the practice of reading comprehension and checking comprehension (in a fun way). Children will be reminded about different sorts of questions and, therefore, how much information is required in the answers, as well as reminders to read rubrics and do what examiners want. There will be a short revision of mindmaps and the importance of linking ideas. Children learn how to answer questions about a story and to understand and put together ideas from various aspects of the story (read how to use speed reading for reading novels). There will be occasional testing activities so children can judge their own progress, learn test strategies, understand what examiners are looking for, and be comfortable with tests. Finally, they will be awarded a diploma in speed reading and our 200-page Spd Rdng Book.

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This speed reading course is tailored for kids from the age of 10, but we’ve had children as young as eight and nine years of age on the course, and they really enjoyed it. Everyone is different and learns differently and may have their own unique preference for learning, etc. some learning difficulties, dyslexia, etc. We respect pupils’ individual learning styles and challenges. Learn more about speed reading for kids

How many lessons/hours would my child need to master speed reading?
Everyone is different. But on average, most kids would need four lessons (8 hours) altogether to get proficient enough to double-triple-quadruple their reading speed. Please note that reading speed is just one aspect of speed reading. There are other important aspects such as comprehension, memory, focus, summarising, concentration and so on. During the first lesson, I’ll test your child and teach him or her some essential speed reading techniques to double his or her reading rate. The speed reading course is practical, and we’ll use the school material and/or other factual books that might be of interest. Speed reading is part of accelerated learning, so your kid will also learn how to learn, which is probably the most important skill in life now.

Contact Jan on +44 7956 288574 or email him for more information about private speed reading courses for kids and all the skills they will learn and master.
The fee starts from £200/hour (£400/2-hour lesson), depending on the location. The speed reading sessions will take place in the comfort of your home. You’ll need to have several factual books (school books or course material) and some fiction books. The best books to start with are books related to your kids’ hobbies and their favourite novels or authors.

Great study guide for students and anyone who needs to pass exams, etc
I am a student mentor and I’ve used successfully the workbook The Speed Reading Bible by the same authors. Speed Reading for Study is a shorter ebook and therefore quicker to use. It took me less than 15 minutes to go through this ebook and get lots of very useful and practical tips for studying faster, writing essays, preparing for lectures, background reading and preparing for exams and passing them successfully. (actually, you can get through this ebook in 5 minutes just by reading the top tips). The syntopic processing technique for gathering info for essays is just brilliant. Highly recommended and very good value for money.” Bozena Latek,  Five star review from Amazon Kindle for Speed Reading for Study

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