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Learn speed reading and photoreading with the leading-edge experts and pioneers in speed reading and strategic reading in the UK as well as accelerated learning.

Jan Cisek, Speed Reading & PhotoReading Coach, London UK

Jan Cisek, Speed Reading & PhotoReading Coach, London UK

Jan Cisek was the first PhotoReading instructor to be licensed in the UK in 2000. During the 22 years or more that he has been teaching PhotoReading and speed reading, he has taught the skills to thousands of people worldwide. He has studied and integrated Accelerated Learning, speed reading, PhotoReading, NLP and Systems Thinking. At the University of Warwick, he was a speaker at the 8th International Conference ‘Learning in Harmony’, organised by the Society for Effective Affective Learning – SEAL. He teaches how to learn anything more effectively and how to use your intuition and creativity. He was a speaker at the 9th International SEAL Conference ‘Opening Minds’ at the King’s School, Canterbury and at the ANLP Conference in Northhampton. He is also an environmental psychologist interested in how learning is affected by the environment. Spd Rdng – The Speed Reading Bible is his first book. jan@spdrdng.com

Books that changed my life and inspired me (Jan Cisek)

Susan Norman, Speed Reading Coach, London UK

Susan Norman, Speed Reading Coach, London UK

Susan Norman is an experienced photoreader, speed reader and speed reading coach and teacher and has been running the courses with Jan since 2004. Together they have developed many innovative additions which make it easier to learn speed reading and photoreading quickly and easily. As a former Director of SEAL (Society For Effective Affective Learning), she has proved her expertise in accelerated learning techniques and presents regularly at international and national courses and conferences. She has over 25 years of experience in accelerated learning and is the author of 40 books in the field of accelerated learning, language teaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

We’ve provided in-house speed reading courses and trainings for companies such as: BPP, Dorset Police, IAL (International Alliance for Learning), SEAL (Society for Effective Affective Learning), NLP Conference, Saudi International Innovation Conference, Leeds University, Anderlini Plus, Rotary International, MTS (Saudi Arabia), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Merton and Sutton Local Authorities, Guild of Health Writers, HSBC, EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory).

Bespoke UK CPD Accredited Speed Reading Individual Coaching Sessions and In-House Trainings available

> Spd Rdng – The Speed Reading Bible – Speed Reading Techniques, Tips & Strategies For Ultra Fast Reading

by Susan Norman and Jan Cisek

available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle (for PC/ Mac/ iPhone/ iPad/ iPod/ BlackBerry)  £4.96


Sara Haboubi talks about her experience with speed reading after a speed reading course in Dublin. Since then she has become our speed-reading instructor for Ireland.

Also, speed reading courses in Poland are available – see Kursy szybkiego czytania w Warszawie

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