Speed reading trainer training

Our speed reading trainer training course gives people the skills to run speed reading courses similar to our own in the UK or in your their own countries.

The training is open to people who have successfully completed a two-day speed reading course with us, or with other certified speed reading or photoreading trainers, and who would like to teach these skills to others.

Spd Rdng / Speed Reading Trainer Training Schedule

One day
• Comprehensive overview (Spd Rdng, Accelerated Learning, language patterns, course planning details)
• You teach us – we give coaching and feedback

Two days
• Sit in on our course with specific things to note
• You teach whatever you practised with us on your initial day

One day follow-up
• Feedback

Two days
• You organise and teach a course (eg to friends) – we sit in (watch, support)

One day feedback
• Plan forward

Follow-up support
•   You can ring/email with questions at any time
•   We will supply everything you need in digital formats to print your own course materials (course handbook, certificates, feedback forms, etc)
•   We’ll name you as an accredited trainer on our Spd Rdng website and give a link to your website (you do your own marketing to run your own courses)
•   You can sit in again on our speed reading course for free at a mutually convenient time
•   You can buy Spd Rdng books at a discount price for resale at a profit

How to sign in
If you are interested in speed reading trainer training courses, please email us for dates and prices