Speed reading courses

Two-day speed reading courses in London, UK

Process at least 10 times more material
(get through 6 books during the two-day Spd Rdng workshop)
• Double – triple… your reading speed in just two days

What you get:

  • 37-speed reading and PhotoReading techniques, which give you
    – the ability to read faster, while gathering, remembering, and recalling the information you need
  • accelerated learning approach so you get it quicker
  • individual attention tailored to your own special needs
  • double – triple your reading speed in just two days
  • process at least 10 times more material

You don’t need special skills before you start (you learn the special skills on the course).
You don’t need to practice the techniques – put them into practice straight away. All the practice is done during the course.

NB Courses are designed for adults who already have the ability to read, and they are run by very experienced speed-reading trainers to ensure personal attention.

Dates: (Saturday – Sunday): Register now
Time: Sat 10.00 am to 6.00 pm Sun 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Venue: Central London (South Kensington SW7)
Cost: £575 (pounds – there is no VAT) This includes your 200-page speed reading manual (The Speed Reading Bible –  # 1 ebook on Kindle for speed reading).

“Extra-ordinary speed reading course. Provides exactly what it says it will and more. Brilliant speed reading techniques and system to easily apply in everyday life.”
Daniel Grant, Personal Fitness Trainer, London UK
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This speed reading course earns you CPD credits.

CPD for Speed Reading


Please bring six books with you to read during the course
The books should be factual, sources of information, NOT novels, which you have not previously read. (After the course you will have the skills to read novels more quickly if you want to.)
Book 1 – first chance to put your new skills into practice – we suggest something less than 300 pages about a topic you are interested in.
Books 2, 3, 4, 5 – books on the same subject, or which give different insights into or information about the same subject which you will read together at one sitting (using the ‘syntopic processing’ technique).
Book 6 – any factual book of your choice.

You are welcome to bring books which you are actually using on educational courses or as part of your work.  You can bring ebooks on your Kindle devices, iPad, laptops, etc.

After the course, you will be able to apply your skills to any textual material (books, journals, emails, etc), but we recommend that while you are learning, you choose books which give you information you need for specific purposes in your life, eg to pass exams, to produce a report, to prepare a presentation, to learn about a new subject, to gather information for a project, etc.

Read faster. Read more.  Remember more. Know more. Save time and become more successful.