Hibiscus Extract Helps with Memory and Concentration

Research suggests that hibiscus extract is a cognitive enhancer which supports memory and concentration.

Hibiscus tea for memory and concentration

Hibiscus tea for memory and concentration

There are other positive benefits of drinking  hibiscus tea:
• Reduces obesity, abdominal fat, and fatty liver
• Aid in weight control challenges
• Help support memory and concentration
• Promote a healthy heart
• Support your immune system
• Boost the effectiveness of vitamin C in the antioxidant network
• Potential anti-cancer effects: Research has shown that polyphenol-rich extracts of hibiscus induced cell death in human gastric carcinoma cells. Hibiscus extract has also induced cell death in human leukemia cells.
• Antioxidant benefits: Research revealed that consumption of hibiscus extract enhanced systemic antioxidant potential and reduced oxidative stress in study participants. The study also found a “high biotransformation” of the ingested HSE polyphenols, which suggests the compounds are in a highly bioavailable form.
• Kidney stones and liver protection: One study found that hibiscus extract has anti-urolithiatic activity, which means it may help reduce the formation of kidney stones.7 It’s also been shown to help protect the liver against chemically induced damage in fish.
• Diabetes: Hibiscus extract has shown promise for improving both blood pressure and blood lipid profiles in people with diabetes.
• Metabolic syndrome: Hibiscus extract has even shown promise for preventing and treating metabolic syndrome, with one study finding a daily dose of hibiscus extract for just one month lead to improvements in glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as improvements in insulin resistance in people with metabolic syndrome. Research reference on hibiscus 

Start with organic hibiscus tea  or organic biodynamic Demeter hibiscus tea

Green tea also will boost your working memory

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