Moringa Tree – The Miracle Tree & Smart Food Tonic to Boost your Energy and Memory

Moringa Tree Leaf Benefits

Moringa Tree Leaf Benefits

Moringa  tree – perfect nutrition for everyone
Meet the moring tree, the most important tree on this planet with the most amazing properties – that ancient medicine claims that prevenst 300 diseases. New evidence and preliminary studies on moringa oleifera suggest that moringa leaves could be a miracle cure for malnutrition and a host of many illnesses (cancer, diabetes, liver and kidney problems, ulcers, anemia, high blood pressure, stress, and  much more). Moringa tree contains a perfect combination of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins (at least 90 nutrients, 20 amino acids, 46 anti-oxidants (which boost memory – but the highest content of antioxidants have chaga mushrooms) and 36 anti-inflammatory) for everyone, especially for the ones who need extra energy boost and are leading busy lives.

Benefits of moringa oleifera
Enhanced vigour: boost your body with naturally occurring nutrients to make your energy last longer
Mental, emotional and mood balance: balance the chemicals that govern your thoughts and emotions. Experience new clarity, focus and peace of mind.
Rapid recovery: moringa oleifera’s complete amino profile, in addition to a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals is the perfect supplement after gruelling workouts and physical activities.
Nutrient-dense mother’s milk: iron, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, E, and many other important nutrients are all easily absorbed from moringa oleifera and migrates from mother to the growing newborn through mothers milk. In Africa it’s called ‘Mother’s Best Friend’.
Healthy blood sugar levels: –antioxidants and other regulating compounds support healthy blood sugar levels and keep the blood free of toxic substances.
moringa tree oil has been used in hundreds of cosmetics and beauty products. In Africa it’s called ‘Never dying tree’ because of it’s amazing resilience and beauty and healing properties.
Jet lag: because moringa has a high content of antioxidants it’s perfect for combating jet lag
Aphrodisiac: moringa has traditionally been used to boost sexual stamina and desire and to treat male sexual disorders. A study (published in the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences) found that it enhanced sexual behaviour in rats. Moringa contains chemical compounds called saponins which have been shown in other studies to support libido and levels of the sex hormone testosterone.
Moringa also helps with: increased joint flexibility, improved sensory perception (eyesight especially since it contains lots of vitamin A), better sleep and enhanced memory.

Moringa Oleifera Benefits

Moringa Oleifera Benefits

How to take moringa 
1) Drink it as a herbal organic tea – I like this
2) Take organic moringa tablets – I always take moringa tablets when traveling (for jet lag – see above)
3) Add the organic moringa powder to your juices (on it’s own it’s an acquired taste)
4) Eat organic moringa tree seeds
5) Add fresh moringa tree leaves to you salad – how to grow moringa trees at home read moringa tree resources

Download: Moringa oleifera ebook

Read: Medicinal properties of Moringa oleifera: An overview of promising healer – research on moringa

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