Do people read slower on Kindle and iPad?

Recent research by the Nielsen Norman Group found that it takes longer to read books on a Kindle or an iPad than in print. On average reading speeds declined by 6.2% on the iPad and 10.7 on the Kindle compared with print versions.  I personally think I’m reading much more in volume on my iPad and iPhone, simply because it’s more convenient and accessible way of processing information. I believe once we read more on portable devices such as iPad and iPhone we’ll develop our ability to read ebooks faster than print books.  The sales of ebooks on Amazon overtook the print sales for the first time last Christmas. Read more on this study

Mac version of Amazon’s Kindle launched – get all your ebooks on your Mac and iPhone

Finally, Mac version of Amazon’s Kindle was launched – so you can read all your ebooks on your Mac and iPhone (without buying the Kindle device). It’s available as a free download Kindle for Mac (for PC click here) and iPhone. To read ebooks on iPhone you need to download Kindle App for iPhone. To buy ebooks for Kindle you’d need to have account – which you can set up with your UK address. And if you still love buying hard copies of books – you can do it with just one click with Kindle Mobile App UK – I love it. Be warned it’s very addictive and can be expensive. In spd rdng we recommend to preview the books before you buy them – this is not possible with most books bought online. More on Kindle on iPad