Top Study Skills, Tips and Techniques for Students to Pass Exams

Top Study Skills, Tips and Techniques for Students and to Pass Exams

• Study in 20 min sessions
• Have breaks
• Use all spd rdng techniques – investing 1-2 days for mastering speed reading and accelerated learning skill will be totally the best time spend (and you can use all your textbooks for learning speed reading)
• Drink water (eat well: omega 3, protein, etc) and look after yourself
• Sleep a lot (the more you learn to more you have to sleep because sleep is for consolidating your learning and boosting your memory – don’t compromise on sleep, you won’t perform well at the exams! It’s probably the second most important tip)
• Have study buddies as part of collaborative learning (plural – sometimes your study buddy might get ill, so have a few)
• Plan and prepare
Download everything
• Learn to manage stress (diet, exercise, meditation/mindfulness, tapping etc) and how to be in the top state for learning and exams – this might be the most important study tip! Stress is responsible for at least 80% problems during the exams.
• Use syntopic processing to work with several books or a different type of material at the same time
• Find your learning style – we all are different – experiment with what works for you

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