Speed Reading Tips

Read and apply one speed reading tip a day and watch your reading speed up.
This page is updated regularly with new speed reading tips. Each tip will speed up your reading. The more tips you implement, the more efficient and effective reader you will be.

The expert speed reading tips are taken from our book: Spd Rdng – 37 speed reading habits (which is available to buy from our speed reading online shop).

1. Read more and read better quality material. Reading better quality material is actually more important than reading more.

2. Read a (factual) book as you would read a newspaper. Skim through headlines/titles, get an idea of what different sections are about, read more thoroughly the bits that are of particular interest to you – and then put it down. Notice how you feel absolutely fine about not having read it from cover to cover. Notice how you are confident that you have taken from it the information you need or want. Notice how you don’t feel guilty about not having read whole sections which don’t interest you.

3. Learn speed reading from the top speed reading coaches and from others. Check our resoure page (useful links) for free ebooks downloads and top personal development websites

4. Read faster – it will increase your happiness, creativity, power and energy. Do you want to feel better or change your mood? Do you want to feel more energetic? Read faster! PhotoReading and speed reading is the answer. Research done in Princeton University (Emily Pronin) suggests that people who speed up their thinking with timed activities such as reading fast a piece of text that scrolled quickly – felt happier and more powerful, creative and energetic. Read more on this research in our speed reading blog

5. Get the overview before the details. When learning a new subject, make sure you understand the overview, the big picture, before you look at the details. Since most books are written sequentially (ie detail following detail), this usually means looking at chapter and section headings for a general understanding, before looking for more detailed information. Syntopic processing is excellent for getting an overview of a new subject.

6. Download FREE  Spd Rdng eBook (PDF summary of 37 speed reading techniques). You’ll learn the top speed reading strategies and techniques in minutes.

7. Talk about the books you read. Ask a friend to recommend a couple of books for you to read before the end of the year. Then you can talk about them. Talking about what you read is one of the 37 speed reading skills. It helps to remember the material and also it clarifies your understanding of the book.

8. Learn how the novels are structred to speed read themThe top (six or seven or three) basic plots of fiction in literature that can help to speed read novels


Slow down your email
Set your email program to fetch new messages every 15 min. or every hour, rather than every minute, so you’re interrupted less often.

Use a ‘dash’ to beat procrastination
Putting something off? Devote 5 min., (measured with a kitchen timer), to working on it. It will make the task seem more approachable.

Park on a downhill slope
When wrapping up work on a task, make a note of what needs to be done next. This makes it easier to get started when you resume work on the task.

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Speed Reading Tips
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