Speed reading corporate courses

We run tailor-made courses for corporate individuals or groups which can be held in-house.

Bespoke speed reading & photoreading individual coaching sessions available
• Special two-day or one-day programmes tailored to your specific needs
• For professionals, executives, managers
• With the UK leading expert in speed reading and strategic business reading
• To fit your schedule
• Fee: £1900/two-day one-to-one coaching

In-house corporate speed reading coursestailor-made courses for individuals and corporations
Our in-house Spd Rdng/speed reading courses are unique in the amount of content covered in the time two days:
•   speed reading eye patterns (available on most courses)
•   downloading/photoreading to the non-conscious mind (technique additionally available on photoreading courses)
•   focus on memory and recall (some courses)
•   building learning and expertise (unique)
•   accelerated learning approach to facilitate the acquisition of skills (unique)
•   flexible system comprised of 37 individual skills so it is applicable to all types of reading material (unique)
•   individual attention to all participants’ needs with two coaches (unique)

This speed reading course earns you CPD credits.

CPD Accredited Speed Reading Course

CPD Accredited Speed Reading Course

Everyone on our courses at least doubles their reading speed in the two days. Some are reading up to 4 or 5 times quicker and everyone continues to improve as they apply the skills. All participants understand and can apply all 37 speed reading skills and develop a system which meets their personal requirements. In volume, all participants are able to process about 10 times more material in the time available. We also offer each participant a lifetime guarantee in the form of follow up emails/phone calls/visits if needed.

As well as the regular open speed reading courses we run, we have worked with many organisations in-house and we have extensive experience with people in all fields over the last 10 years working with groups from 6-80.

If you send individual delegates on our open weekend courses, the cost is £575/person.
If we run a course at your venue, the total cost (including 45-page handbooks) starting from £3450 for up to 12 participants.

Why two-day speed reading course?
We have been asked in the past whether the speed reading course can be done in less than two days. Although most people understand most of the speed reading techniques during the first day, our experience shows that either cannot or do not apply the skills without enough practical experience. Individuals have different learning requirements and these cannot be addressed in a one-day speed reading course.

For more information, please email us now or call on +44 7956 288 574

Speed reading corporate courses
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